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Sir, You Are Being Alpha'd

By Mokman12-08-2013

Set your clocks gentlemen, 19th of August, 2013. That's when Sir, You Are Being Hunted, creative steampunk procedurally-generated stealth and survival robot-shooter is planned to enter Alpha. For those who don't yet know the joy of discovering this gem, check out our previous coverage. As for the rest of us, need I say what the plan is? It will be available on Humble Store and Steam, and will be released, according to Jim Rossignol who not only edits RPS but also helped create this game, with only a few "minor glitches" and half of the "robots that hunt you", but will still be a build that they are "rather pleased with".

In fact, he states that: "You can be hunted, you can be horribly murdered by robots, you can drink tea, and you can escape from the islands. It works. And I think it's beautiful." Well, that's good enough for me. Read on more at RPS, or head on over to their site to check out the game.

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I still might get it, it sounds really interesting, and has a flavor of Day Z to it. Looks really fun.

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'Tis true, 'tis true.

I accepted, a long time ago, that I'm a collector far more than a gamer

Posts: 351

This game sounds really cool but I think that I need to stop buying games before they are done and just wait for the actual release. It is tempting to buy though is it not lol?