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Sir, Would You Care For Some More Biomes?

By BloodyFanGirl20-07-2013

Sir, we have previously delivered intel to you via still and moving images on Big Robot's videographic game project called Sir, You Are Being Hunted. Now one of the prime suspects behind the project, Jim Rossignol, has uploaded a short moving picture showcasing the fens biome. We would invite you to peruse the footage above, Sir.

We would like to draw your attention, Sir, if we may, to the openness of this new biome. We would advise, Sir, that this new biome may present some difficulty in the pursuit of survival due to a lack of sufficient cover. Indeed, the openness of this biome makes it easy to spot a robotic hunting party from some distance away. But it should be noted, Sir, to put it in the most simplest of terms, if you can see them then they can probably see you.

The videogram above additionally announces that on the 19th of August an alpha version of the game will be made available to all those who have backed the project's crowd-funding campaign or have pre-ordered through Big Robot's world wide web page. Prime Suspect Rossignol also offered up a single still image of a factory building that looks as though it has fallen into disrepair, Sir. We believe, Sir, that this is a clue to a possible biome currently under development and that it shall feature a much more industrial feel. Finally, to close, Sir, we believe that this game project shall drop some time later this year.

What's that Sir? Yes, Sir. Of course, Sir. We shall seek out further intel and we shall return with what we've learnt posthaste, Sir.

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