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Sins of a Dark Age Gameplay

By NeonAnderson30-01-2013

Promising to push the boundaries of MOBA games, Ironclad Games has released a gameplay video showing off some Closed Beta footage. It also has a short developer commentary section in it, which aims to provide a brief overview of what will make Sins of a Dark Age unique in an ever-growing number of MOBA games.

The video can be seen above and does not really show or explain much yet, the thing worth noting at the moment is that Sins of a Dark Age will introduce something called "Realm Quest". These are objectives that will spawn dynamically and will bring advantages to your team and penalties to the enemy team. The end-goal with these objectives from a design perspective if to introduce a large amount of mindgames to the gameplay. This will allow for counter-counter-counter strategy and as said in the video:

"He knows that I know that he knows that I know"

Definitely sounds like some unique concepts are here and interested gamers can create an account on the official website to hopefully receive closed beta access. For those willing to spend some dosh on the title, the Founder packs can be purchased here. There are three different Founder Editions available: Rare, Epic, and Legendary priced at $25, $55, and $125 respectively. All editions include immediate access to the Closed Beta as well as Crowns and immediate access to a different number of Heroes and Exclusive Skins, as well as some other miscellaneous stuff.

It goes without saying that the packs do seem a bit on the expensive side when comparing what you get with other MOBA games such as League of Legends, Smite and Heroes of Newerth. It is even more expensive when compared to DOTA 2, where all characters are free and only visual/audio stuff can be bought with money. As a massive fan of MOBA games, I hope the developers realise the flaw in their Edition pricing and will add more content to each Edition to make the price point a lot fairer.

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