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Sims Now Talk In Groups

By JcDent17-09-2013

Sims 4 is coming and it will let you simulate virtual daily life because being a space marine is waaay too escapist for you. Anyways, what's new in this trailer? Nothing much really. The room building mechanic is explained somewhat: instead of just placing walls everywhere and hoping for the best, you drag around room boxes - like in, say, Evil Genius or Dungeon Keeper.

The character creation, however, is something new. Instead of pushing sliders and hoping for the best, you'll actually drag or pull points of the body, making the crooked nose you always wanted. This will lead to some spectacularly ugly Sims, some of whom will be uglier than <redacted>!

But the thing they're really happy about is Smart Sim. While it's, as of yet, unknown whether this will prevent Sims from just peeing themselves and then throwing a hissy fit in the puddle, it will play into emotional interactions and their visualisation. For example, now Sims will join into group conversations and actually react to which one of them is making a speech bubble with an airplane in it.

I don't really care, I'm only intrigued by the possibility to launch a space rocket in your back yard.

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So. let me get this straight,

We're going to get...

...some breathy Sims group action.

I'm sold