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Sims 4 Shows Some Skills

By Fr33Lanc3r.00712-01-2014

The Sims 4, the upcoming installment in the wallet emptying Sims franchise has kept a lot of information under its belt. So tightly under its belt, in fact, that the focus of this piece is a tidbit of information that has actually made the rounds for a number of different Sims communities back in September 2013. But this is a Sunday story, and that means getting the weird and bizarre out there for people to see.

So the Sims is almost entirely based around forcing your Sim to practice something, so you can get better at doing it, and hopefully make more money doing so. Now this was all well and good with skills like writing, gardening, or logical thought, but it seems that the Sims 4 is taking it one step further. According to the Official Magazine, and backed up by this confirmation tweet from Sims producer Graham Nardone, the ability to WooHoo - which is Sim speak for ‘getting to know each other in the biblical sense’ (or to be slightly more crass, sex) - will now be a bona fide, visible skill.

There aren’t a lot of details (at least, a quick google search didn’t reveal any), but I’m guessing that it means that, like cooking, Sims will get better at doing it as they practice and gain the ability to do better (and special) things as a result. There is currently no word on whether they can make a living from their hard (heh) work though.

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Damn greed, could have just been implemented earlier, even as early as Sims 2.