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Sims 4 Leaked, Look Like Sims 3

By JcDent19-08-2013

If the pictures are to be believed, this is how Sims 4, the life simulator, will look. Pretty similar to Sims 3, right?

I mean look at it. The most impressive thing about the screens (apart from the blank face of the bl...racially coloured guy pretending to listen to a lady Sim) is how fat your Sim can be now. Look at that fatso! It's amazing how people would go on a game where they could build a new, ersatz life for themselves and think "yeah, I want my Sim to be so fat, he wouldn't see his blurred naughty bits". For the lady player (and the other sad extreme of the male geek physique), you can also look like a skeleton with new leather upholstery.

Of course, there are probably some fat fetishists out there who'd say that it's not enough. Well, you guys are creepy and sick.

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Yeah, this was so unexpected!

Posts: 1548

OMG, I am shocked!

Posts: 1317

So let me guess... they're going mobile with this one too, aren't they?

Posts: 3290

The Sims 3?

Not like you to be generous