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Sims 3 Brings SimDragons

By JcDent03-06-2013

You're aware of the whole gaming phenomenon known as Sims? Everybody knows Sims! Grannies that are pushing 100 years know Sims. Well, Sims 3 is about to get the weirdest update ever.

The Sims 3 Dragon Valley transforms your idyllic suburbia into a high fantasy setting. Dragons, elves and pretty people in quaint, semi-medieval houses. At least some sort of magic and elven lesbians are to be expected according to the trailer. Alas, dragons only come in baby form - and not the awesome face burning kind like in Game of Thrones.

All in all, this looks like a big sign that EA gave up on Sims Medieval, but still think that was a good idea, probably with some reusable art assets.

Well, are your girlfriends excited?

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Posts: 44

Elven lesbians? Well, that's the adolescent male demographic sewn up. Very clever EA. Very clever.

Posts: 1317

"Well, are your girlfriends excited?"