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SimCity Update 4.0 Brings More Fixes And Re-enables More Features

By Fr33Lanc3r.00723-05-2013

SimCity, that wonderful example of how not to make a simulation game, has a new update coming tomorrow. The update brings with it some new regions (including one just for early adopters of the game, the poor buggers), some added rollover details about how happy things make sims, and re-enables features like the leaderboards and Global Market.

There are also fixes to a number of bugs - firetrucks not taking the best route to a fire, rain and clouds not working properly, students completely disappearing without a trace, things like that - and (not sure if it's a bug fix or something new) a feature where sims become unhappy if they cannot shop anywhere.

You can head over to the EA forums if you're interested in seeing the whole list of patch notes, but since SimCity has now become shorthand for 'unnecessary game that removed everything people loved about the franchise and completely destroyed what was left by adding enforced multiplayer and always online DRM', how many of us are still acutally playing it?

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Posts: 127

Mwahahaha! Gimme more purring trees, EA ^^

Posts: 596

SimCity is just such a mess, what a waste of good potential :(