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SimCity: Poke, Prod and Tinker

By Bis18marck7028-11-2012

We all like to complain about the little things that don’t work the way they should in our city. Be it public transportation, health service, canalization and education, it’s a basic human necessity to criticize. We wouldn’t feel alive otherwise. SimCity has always been the answer to this. Here you can put into effect all that expert knowledge you seem to have to create the ultimate paradise. It might not be the most popular gaming franchise, but SimCity still holds its place in our community as an enjoyable build-it-up game whose story plays more inside the players head than by a given narrative.

Check out the newest trailer that shows some of the next SimCity’s’ features. Most will be known to the veteran of the genre but it’s always nice to see how developers put old mechanics into a new environment. Also, the presenters beard deserves honourable mentioning.

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