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SimCity Expansion Announced, Entire World Unsurprised

By Mokman19-05-2013

In a move that surprised practically nobody within the gaming community, EA has begun its soon-to-be slew of expansions for SimCity, starting with the "Amusement Park Pack", which is arriving in two weeks. And yes, it is paid DLC. The official Facebook page for the game states: "Some of you may have seen thrilling new SimCity content that arrived too early at the gate. It's coming May 28th. We think you'll be amused."

No price was listed for the expansion, but some basic details are known. The park will be customizable with different rides and entrances, and it will generate cash and some tourism. However, they have not answered my most important question regarding this DLC - where the hell am I gonna find space in my tiny city to fit a bloody amusement park?

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Posts: 351

Honestly this game was such a let down to me and I did not even play it. Seriously EA needs to do a better job with their games.

Posts: 341

Atleast you get a sexy cover with the sweet treats expansion.

Anyway Simcity died long ago, its still broken, 2.0 introduced MORE bugs.
And I wont play it anymore until they fix the main issue: TINY CITIES.
You get bored after your second city cause they all turn out the same, and with the shitty buildpsace, so tiny... but I guess, "dad" has to play it too ;)

Posts: 1317

Nothing wrong with expansions, so long as they're worth the money. But then again, the expansions for Sims 3 on Steam - at least here in Europe - are outrageously overpriced. Some fiddly little "Katy Perry" items and pink colors are priced at €40. How in the world do they justify that pricing?