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Sigmar Blesses Vermintide with Free DLC

By WskOsc03-12-2015

We've covered the Sigmar's Blessing DLC before but didn't have any details back then. Today we're happy to say that the DLC for Vermintide has arrived and has a considerable changelog. For those too lazy, or busy, to read the whole thing we've got some highlights of the best bits below:

  • A new teir of weapons has been added – Veteran which includes 40 new weapons.
  • The Shrine Of Solace has been added to the inn – offer up your trinkets and pray for new items.
  • New traits have been added to the pool of possible weapon enhancements.
  • Hero Trinkets can now be equipped to increase the chances of loot dropping for a certain character.
  • A huge amount of tweaks and bug fixes.

That's a lot of new stuff to discover. Will it be enough to reinvigorate interest in the best rat smashing game around or is the focus on loot and high-tier drops not as appealing as new classes and maps? We can't speak for everyone but we're ready to pray to Sigmar and stab a few more Skaven just for their shinies.

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