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Siege 'Operators' Trailer Shows Fancy Explosions and a Single Hostage Rescue

By MrJenssen01-04-2015

One of the surprise hits of last year's E3 was Ubisoft's Rainbow Six Siege. After having canned 'Patriots', the long-dormant franchise was unexpectedly revealed at the massive gaming expo, to great effect. At least that last bit isn't a surprise. The gameplay, though incredibly fake-looking in how it was choreographed in a way that no online match of any game ever has - or ever will - spoke for itself, with grandiose destruction and swift, lethal firefights.

If you were sceptical towards the promise of nearly limitless potential for destroying walls, floors and ceilings then this trailer won't do much to sway your opinion. It looks great, sure. But even the smallest of indie devs can make a kickass-looking trailer these days. At least there's an Alpha-version coming out in not too long. Various gaming sites have already gotten a taste of it, claiming that most the things you see around you indeed can be blown away, at least partially.

You'd think this trailer would go over the game's 20 operators - basically playable character classes - but it doesn't. Instead, it's all about explosions, and more explosions. Oh, and a sledgehammer. The classes are supposedly mostly similar, but with a few key differences. One might have a heartbeat sensor, another can throw out gas canisters and blow them in the face of unsuspecting foes. And of course, the dude with the sledgehammer. We'll just have to wait and see what they're all like when it comes time to try out the Alpha. The trailer is, however, pretty damn cool to watch. So do check it out.

Rainbow Six Siege seems to be quite unorthodox for Ubisoft. It's a lot more of a focused effort than their other games these days. Games that promise to reinvent genres end up feeling like they're just products made by people checking things off a list. Here's looking at you, Watch Dogs. Siege, on the other hand, ditches the open-world singleplayer campaign with escort missions and towers to climb, in favor of a Counter-Strike -esque multiplayer-only asymmetrical tactical battle between two different teams. For that alone, they deserve some applause. We'll let you know as soon as the information starts breaching through. Considering the game is set for an autumn release, it shouldn't take too long before we'll know more.

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Think they'll keep the whole destructible environment thing as shown? That, gotta' say, would be hella' nice if they did

Posts: 1317

Yeah I have. Pretty mediocre stuff.

Posts: 3290

'Bout time too.

Has anyone played the Free to Play Ghost Recon?