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Sid Meier's Adventure Time

By Bobfish06-10-2013

You know, Civilisation V is a great game, it really is. But...it's just missing something. Something important. I can't quite put my finger on...oh yes, that's right, it needs to down fifteen gallons of PCP and eat a six month old pizza from beneath the couch! This is Civilisation V Adventure Time.

A Steam Collection available right here that adds various new fiefdoms and characters and fever induced hallucinations and whatnot. All the stuff Adventure Time is famous for. I still detect a disturbing lack of lady Rainicron, but after Attack the Dungeon Because I DON'T KNOW! decided to become a handheld only title (it was originally advertised as being a PC release too, so fingers crossed) I have to do something to get my Adventure Time fix. I mean, I could just flick to the Cartoon Network and watch it...but why would I turn on my TV?

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Adventure Time > Futurama hands down

Posts: 1548

We need a Futurama mod :P
Benders Empire would be so epic :D

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Have to appreciate these random contributions.