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Sid Meier About Kickstarter, No Plans To Use It

By Fr33Lanc3r.00715-05-2013

Sid Meier, in an interview with GamesIndustry about his latest game (an iOS exclusive aimed at core gamers), gives us a glimpse at his take on the Kickstarter craze that's swept the gaming culture by storm. When asked if he would consider Kickstarter as a potential jumping point for a future game, the Civilisation Developer had this to say "You've got to convince people to support it and create trailers or whatever it takes to get the support. I think you kind of lock yourself into a lot of ideas early.' Going on to talk about how he enjoys his regular ability to play around with design options and scrap ideas that don't work, Meier went on to say 'I'd be a little concerned with Kickstarter if I committed to X, Y and Z and I found out down the road that Z didn't work very well, I kind of promised to do this."

Meier prefers to leave the aspects of Game development that he dislikes to his publishers (currently 2K Games), so that he can do what he loves doing. "I get to design games, I get to program games, I get to work with the artists and the sound guys and do the fun stuff. They worry about testing it and publishing it and promoting it and selling it - whatever it takes to do that I would be really bad at, they do."

He did say that if it works for others then Kickstarter can be a good thing, saying "I think it's great for people who want that indie environment...there are advantages and disadvantages to each situation' but ultimately his personal stance is that 'having a great publisher is a real asset and allows me to focus on the things that I can do and not worry about all the other stuff that needs to be worried about."

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XD I love this. He's literally saying, without trying to sugarcoat it, but he's saying "I can't be arsed with that shit" so he'll let someone else do it. And I completely agree with him. Also nice to see he's not an asshat about it though. Just the way he prefers to do things