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Shroud Of The Avatar Kickstarter Concludes

By MrJenssen10-04-2013

Well, it's official. Richard Garriott is still able to reel the big ones in. A month ago we reported on his newly launched Kickstarter, which was meant to be a sort of spiritual successor to the old Ultima games, but with a focus on party-oriented multiplayer.

Though some might have doubted the man - after all, he hasn't really been very prominent in the gaming industry for the past decade - his talents cannot be disputed. The man pretty much invented the computer RPG and MMORPG genres singlehandedly, he's been to space and owned a genuine medieval castle at one point. And now, his Kickstarter project finally concluded last Sunday with a pleasant total. At $1.9 million, Garriot has successfully reached his goal and nearly doubled it. Not bad for such an old-timer, and this is good news for anyone who's been longing back to the RPGs of the 90s.

Now let's hope Garriott was indeed speaking the truth when he put the blame on publishers for the disappointments that were Ultima 8 and 9.

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