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ShootMania STORM - Beta 2 Trailer

By SavageOcto15-12-2012

ShootMania STORM’s new Beta 2 is coming out soon. Ubisoft put up a trailer showcasing the game and new features that are coming to it.

There are slew of new moves the player can pull off to traverse maps, like wall jumping and sliding. You can also use a grappling hook to swing around the map. It looks to give ShootMania an even faster pace to its combat.

A new map editor is also coming to the game, allowing you to easily create your own levels. The trailer shows someone quickly raising the ground, putting a path through it and then placing a gate at one side.

The Beta 2 does not have a release date yet, but is “coming out soon!”

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Posts: 32

I played this game in beta for a while, and it was definitely interesting once i got past my initial conceptions (and the awful interface) it was definitely fun. I can't really see this having a huge community though, the core gameplay is fun, but too basic to really have more than a niche appeal.

Posts: 233

Same here Merc - UT instagib is enough for me.

Posts: 351

I have seen some stuff for this game, but I dont think its my thing.