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Shoot Guns in Hitman Absolution

By Leigh Cobb18-09-2012

Do you enjoy the Hitman games? Do you also enjoy shooting guns and causing explosions? Well it looks like you're going to love this new trailer for Hitman Absolution.

Actually I tell a lie, the trailer also has knives, swords and other such melee weapons. In fact, the trailer does a good job in general of selling you on the game, based on its potential for awesome weapons and fights. It's all rather creepy too, appealing to your inner weapon fetish with a sultry voice and slow motion headshots. Violence, don't you just love it? It's Hitman Absolution ladies and gentlemen.

Sure, Hitman has never been about fancy weapons and explosions, but that doesn't mean they can't be a part of the experience. From what it looks like, you can take the classic Hitman route and be lethally efficient, or you can put on your high-octane-action-sunglasses and shoot the heck out of people. Everyone wins! Except the victims of your violence, they ultimately lose.

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Posts: 1548

If not for the grinding I quite enjoyed the sniper challenge. Really excited for the full game too. Just hope its a proper PC game but squenix has done pretty good job with recent PC titles (Sleeping Dogs comes to mind first).

Posts: 240

Did the camera focus on a plunger during the melee weapon segment?!? Anyway, huge fan of this series. If I get a new job in time then I will probably pre-order this as it's shaping up to be amazing.