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Shogun Skulls Free From Microsoft's Chains

By MrJenssen19-06-2013

Some of you may have heard of this little game before. Skulls of the Shogun, originally released on Microsoft's phones, tablets and that console of theirs, is now free from the massive chains that bind. Not only is it no longer locked to Microsoft's latest arbitrary operating system - Windows 8 - but it is also going to be sold on Steam and other outlets on an internet near you!

Set to release sometime in late July for the price of $14.99/£11.99/€13.99, the "Bone-a-fide edition" of this turn-based strategy game, got plenty of high ratings when it was first released. Finally, it's time for people who didn't get suckered into upgrading to Windows 8, to finally give the game a good lashing. Included in the mix is a new sub-campaign and new enemies. You can already pre-order it on Steam and get a smooth 20% discount while you're at it. Oh, and also instant access to the beta. Which means you're basically getting the game right now, and don't have to wait until July.

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Posts: 351

Looks interesting but I dont really know if I want to play it.

Posts: 1548

Who at microsoft thought that this and Spartan Assault would attract people to Win8? I mean if they brought Halo 4/Reach I would really think about installing Win8.

Posts: 1317

Suck it, Microsoft!

Posts: 127

Can't say I like the graphic style, but I love the genre, so it may be worth a go

Posts: 297

Silly Microsoft trying another game OS exclusive tactic, hasn't work out well for them yet.