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Ships a Firin', Captains a-Pimpin'

By JcDent30-10-2013

The Mandate is an almost upcoming space RTS/RPG. They still need some Kickstarter help – and really, how many space RTSs are out there? Basically all the grand ship control goodness that one Derek Smart always promised, but never delivered. And it's about space Tsars. It can barely get better than this.

And today we have two more videos. One of them shows a bit of space combat – two groups of ships engaging, trading shots and the like. What you can't glean from the video is that these aren't your run of the mill shields – you can make localized breaches in them! I'm guessing that's how the torpedo (you can steer them manually) got one of the ships in the end. Still, if they manage to get the Kickstarter support, we could hope for more impressive videos in the future. They have some neat ideas, after all.

And the neatest ones are about captain customization. Just look at that guy, looking all prim and proper. Why, he's probably ready to shoot some dastardly borders himself! Also, guessing from the art, your captain might be more, uh, breast inclined, so you might end up flying around as a disgraced imperial fleet lady Captain and shoot some rebels with style.

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