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Shedding Some Light on the Matter

By Bobfish24-10-2013

Well, well, well. Things are looking quite grim for Interwave indeed. After the launch of the already highly controversial Dark Matter. First it was pulled from GoG and Steam, now there are reports the entire studio has been laid off. This is according to a report by Gameasutra who cite 'sources' close to the studio. At present, there is no official confirmation, one way or the other, but acrroding to Gameasutra's unnamed sources, the entire staff, minus two of the management staff, were let go after the poor response to the game's initial Kickstarter effort.

Whilst we can confrim that the game is currently being reworkd to address the highly disappointing 'to be continued' ending it currently features, no further word has yet been forthcoming from either Interwave or publisher Iceberg. So for the time being, retain a doseof skepticism though, sadly, I'd put my money on this being true. I just hope that the game doesn't disappear into the ether. Because apart from the ending, it's a very solid, incredibly atmospheric 2D sidescroller.

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