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Shatner vs Gorn

By NeonAnderson02-04-2013

As the new Star Trek movie nears its release, so does its movie licensed video game. Star Trek: The Video Game is set for launch on April 23rd in America and the 26th in Europe that same month. So a nifty trailer was released featuring the one and only William Shatner (who played Kirk in the original TV series) who tries his hand at co-op on the new video game based on the new movies.

Sufficed to say, he could not have chosen a worse co-op partner for the new video game and hilarity ensues. While the trailer is certain to gain plenty of laughs and giggles from die-hard Star Trek fans, I am starting to worry that these trailers are starting to seem like they are trying too hard. None have shown much of the game yet in full segments and mostly just use fandom and fast-cuts to promote the upcoming title.

Only time will tell how the game will be but we can only hope for the best... At least we know for near certainty that the new movie will kick ass!

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