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Share the Dogma

By Bobfish13-02-2015

Oh wow, where do I even begin? Too much nommyness to absorb. I mean, okay, let's be honest, Dragon's Dogma Online is not in any hurry to take the title of most graphically advanced game from The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. But these screenshots look dayum nice all the same. And there are a lot, a hell of a lot of them. That show a lot more detail than a casual glance may suggest. Though with that, I don't mean visually speaking.

For a start, we can already see the promised four player co-op in evidence, with most of the images showing quintets exploring various, diverse environments. Ranging from deserts, to lush forests and dang caverns. Just like we had in the original, single-player console game. We're also given some teasers of the character classes available, which seem to be more diverse than the afore mentioned. The chap with the huge shield that can bash people out of the way, and the flying ninja-kick archer, for example, standing out as, if not new, at least advancments on previous options.

Yeah, I admit it, I'm stoked for the game. Release date soon plox?

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