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Shaq Fu Is Back

By Bunnysuit07-03-2014

In the early 90's Shaquille O'Neal was very popular with children and young adults. What came from his popularity, along with many things, was a fighting game inspired by Mortal Kombat, with Shaq as one of the characters. The original Shaq Fu was heavily criticized as being a terrible game, no surprise there. In the "partner" campaign video Shaq wants to clean up his reputation, by having the game remade to be much better than the previous game. I wonder if this means he will redo Kazaam as well.

In Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn has some of the following features so far:

• Play as Shaq (surprise!)
• "Adaptive" AI
• Devil May Cry-ish fighting
• CO-OP gameplay
• Weapons katanas, shurikens, baseball bats,
• And the occasional basketball filled with the wrong type of gas, bottles, knives and dozens more. (?)

The trailer has an impossibly muscular Shaq fighting off some ninjas. I do like the art style, but you can't really see much about the gameplay in the trailer. Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn is being developed by Big Deez, and is currently asking $450,000 on Indiegogo. You might ask yourself why doesn't Shaq fund his own game? On the Indiegogo page, it states that Shaq is financially involved in the game, and the Indiegogo is a way for promotion. 5% of the funds is also going to the Boys and Girls Club of America.

I'm not a big fan of some of the incentives. $1000 for Shaq to follow you on twitter. $6500 to work as a concept artist, I thought the whole point of working in the first place was to get paid, not pay for work. $15000 to eat lunch with Shaq. All of this sounds like prostitution without any sex.

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At least Shaq is a
( ?_?)>??-?
big enough man to admit

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Well why not? It was a great game back in the day! No, wait...