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Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms Finally Sees the Light of Day

By KenpoJuJitsu301-12-2014

Yo, jurors! Now available on PC from developer Games Farm is Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms, an isometric view action RPG. Let me grab a torch to light the way through this diabolic news story. OK, had to get the puns out of my system...you jurors know me by now, don't judge...that's our job.

This game isn't just another Diablo clone, though I'm sure it will be compared to it. In actuality this game is an intriguing mix of game mechanics from Diablo, Pokemon, Kirby and...OMG, why are you still reading this after what I just said and not PLAYING this?! Wait a minute...why am IIIIII still writing this and not playing?!

Seriously folks, this one is worth a look methinks. But I'm just one justice of the Supreme Court of Pixel Judgery, what say YOU jurors? Will this game roam free to flourish in play on your PC or will you condemn it to the purgatory of games passed over in favor of playing Call of BattleMadden 29 instead? Let us know in the comments and as always, for more news and reviews on Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms and other games come back to the judge, Pixel Judge.

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