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Shadowrun Returns...Returns on Steam

By JcDent10-04-2013

Shadowrun Returns, 2D cyberpunk-magic Kickstarted RPG made after the table top RPG of the same name, is going to be released in June. What info do we have till then?

Well, you can still pre-order game (pre-orders on Steam will be available soon) and get the bonuses if you manage to do it before April the 28th. Both the backers and pre-orders will receive the digital content on the day of the launch. Some lucky bastards will get the editor several weeks in advance though. For the material goodies - Doc Wagon cards, USB dog tags, boxes and the like will have to wait for about three weeks after the game is realeased. Why? Because to make game and music discs, you have to have the game first - this also goes for the dog tags. And the makers are planning to send it all in one go - doing it any other way would increase the costs two fold. But digital people have nothing to worry about - they'll get their Steam key on time.

This also means that the previously DRM-free game will now have the dreaded D or RM. Especially since there will be a Steam-free version you can download, but it won't get the DLCs and such. Yep, modding and DLCs come through Steam now. Should we get our panties in a twist? I think people who try to avoid Steam (and, to a lesser extent, Origin) like the government's mind reading satellites, sound like people who spend too much time under tinfoil hats.

On a lighter note, Linux release is nowhere in sight while Tablets versions will not support the Editor or the community content. The community content, by the way, will be totes free, unless it includes material from a paid DLC (such as the second city - Berlin).

Are you jumping in anticipation or are you trying to calm down you rustled jimmies? Tells us in the comments!

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