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Shadowrun Returns on July 25th

By JcDent18-06-2013

Shadowrun Returns, the Kickstarter funded RPG based on the Shadowrun pen and paper RPG that merged magic and cyberpunk, has a release date! It's July 25th, also known as "That's still a long way off" day.

Meanwhile, they have an astounding announcement - the game editor will also be able to tackle the main campaign of the game, which, as the creators assure us, is probably the first time ever. This means that we'll be able to change text, appearance and missions and...well, everything else. Could have used that to cure all the stupid from Mass Effect 3 (Step 1: Delete everything. Step 2: Overwrite anything just in case there's some children related code surviving...). And, as this clip shows, the editor seems to be relatively easy to use, so we'll be recreating our schools and making trolls shoot cyborg elves in their corridors in no time.

Or in a month and a week.

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That's pretty damn soon! Can't wait.