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Shadowrun Returns…Again!

By BloodyFanGirl15-01-2015

A little while ago we covered the standalone, Director's Cut release of Shdowrun: Dragonfall on Steam. Now Harebrained Schemes are back with a Kickstarter for a third Shadowrun game that is set in Hong Kong. Before putting the project up on Kick Starter, the project was already budgeted and scheduled for a mid-2015 release. But the developers took to Kickstarter because they had more ideas that couldn't quite fit in their current budget. Harebrained have presented the Kickstarter campaign as a "co-funding proposition," the sort of thing smaller studios would go to a publisher for normally. Harebrained wanted to avoid executive entanglements and so turned to their community for help instead.

Harebrained asked for $100,000 and within 2 hours of the page going up, this goal was reached. So far people have pledge more than $350,000 and they're continuing to smash stretch goals. Already, more characters and missions will be added to the game. You can check out stretch goals and backer rewards at the Kickstarter page here. If you loved the original Shadowrun table top game or the other two PC games or just love fantasy and cyberpunk in general, this is a project worth supporting. Check it out.

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