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Shadowrun Expands

By MrJenssen06-08-2013

Harebrained Schemes' successful Kickstarter project that turned into the successful story-driven RPG Shadowrun Returns is now about to expand. According to a recent community blog post on the developer's site, the promised Linux support is in the works right now, and though the road seems to be bumpy right now, the support for Linux has not been forgotten.

It's not the only big thing coming to the latest Shadowrun iteration though. Harebrained have started the development on the Berlin Campaign, which was one of the Kickstarter campaign's stretch goals. The target release for this free DLC is late October. Above, you can see a little tease from an environment in the Berlin campaign.

The blog post also mentions other things in the work, like the new Shadowrun Wiki the focus on encouraging community created content, and also that bug-fixing patches won't stop coming just yet. Hopefully, we'll get a more functional save function soon, too.

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