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Shadowraith of Mordor

By Bobfish04-08-2014

Warner and Monolith have been doing a good job of giving us just enough information to whip us up into a frenzy of anticipation, for Shadow of Mordor, without over saturating us to the point where it becomes tiresome. But one thing that has been under-exposed is Talion's, ahem, guest. The wraith that imbues him with his both in and out of gameplay explanations for why he can do all the crazy stuff he can do. You know, an actual, in canon, justifiable and believable reason why he can see through walls, for example. So today, allow us to rectify that aye?

Honestly, it isn't showing us anything particularly new, for the game at least. But it does add some context to both why, and how, Talion can do what he does. As well as showing the more dramatic results of his tender, or often not so tender, ministrations. Such as turning not only one, but an entire legion of his foes into his willing servants. Making confrontations even more ludicrously one-sided than they were to begin with. Seriously, if the Nemesis System is even a tenth as good as we're being lead to believe, this is going to be a gamechanger.

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Would be great if they did not fuck up the lore, meaning how epic and complex the world is. Because, like, if they do fuck that up, all those kiddos that play the game will never fully appreciate the great works of Tolkien, or end up, gulp, thinking that some AC-style narrative is better than his works :O

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My experience is that Monolith don't like to scrimp on quality

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Lord of the Rings has had some great games, and some mediocre ones and a few bad ones. But this looks promising, but so did the last few that were mediocre. It just depends on if the final product is as good as what is shown now.

Too often the game demos and videos show parts of the game that are really polished or features they decide to remove later on in development in order to rush the game out.

I remain hopeful though, it would be great to have a good Lord of the Rings game again.