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Shadowplay now Supports Twitch

By NAG3LT18-12-2013

Nvidia's hardware assisted Shadowplay game recording can be quite convenient, due to the on-the-fly h.264 encoding. Its performance impact is minimal, allowing it even to run constantly in the background and allow player to save the good moments after they have happened. Such features are also welcome for streaming and Nvidia has been promising Twitch.tv support in Shadowplay for a long time.

With the GeForce Experience 1.8.1 update, Nvidia's Twitch support is finally here. Just like the other features in Shadowplay Beta it is also quite minimalistic. You can now choose between local recording and streaming to the Twitch. Streaming quality settings correspond to much lower bitrates, and thus less quality HDD recordings. Shadowplay streams at 0.75, 2 or 3.5 Mbit/s, while even the low quality local recording is 15 Mbit/s. So while the stream may still look decent, do not expect it to be top quality. There is also a support for a webcam feed, the size of which can be configured in the settings. Finally, the ability to use microphone while recording from the last update is available during steaming as well.


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Some people are social

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Whats up with all the Twitching?

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Well, it's not going to replace Fraps, for obvious reasons. But it's turning into a pretty darn nice program