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Shadow Warrior Sneaks onto Steam

By MrJenssen30-05-2013

Out of the blue, Shadow Warrior returns to the land of the living. Well, it was already available on GoG for quite a while, but now it's also released on Steam! On top of that, it was even offered free for a limited time! On top of that top, the limited offer has - due to an easily exploitable exploit - been extended from "limited" to "not limited", i.e. permanent! Yep, you heard that right. Hop on over to Steam and get your copy of the not-so-well-received, juvenile and childish but at times hilariously entertaining classic, Shadow Warrior.

If you don't know what Shadow Warrior is, think of Duke Nukem 3D, with an equally childish (but less memorable) protagonist, and more katana slashing and shurikens than Duke ever had. Released in 1997, this FPS from 3D Realms got mixed reviews, but kids and teenagers didn't really care. It had tons of weapons, tons of gore and tons of naked anime chicks. Now is your chance to try it out for yourself, and you don't even have to pay a dime. So what is it really you're waiting for? Does Lo Wang really need to rise from the dead and jab a katana up your ass for you to get a move on?!

PS: People who bought the game on GoG do not need to get their panties in a twist. The game they paid $5.99 for includes two expansions which the Steam version does not.

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