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Shadow Warrior Out Sept. 26, Funny Trailer Is Funny

By MrJenssen06-09-2013

Shadow Warrior, the possibly lovingly crafted remake/modernization of the classic 90s shooter by the same name, is just around the corner. Though the developer of the original game is all but gone by now, Flying Wild Hog have picked up the franchise from the ashes. In anticipation of the new game's release, a new trailer has been dropped, showing off some of the many features this revamp will come wrapped with. This includes brutal Katana combat, fully destructible bicycles, product placement, fish physics, rabbit sex and much much more. Check out the trailer for a quick laugh, and maybe go to Steam and get yourself a pre-order copy for some rather standard pre-order bonuses.

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It seems to have the same issue as Painkiller too:


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Played it at Rezzed. It was a solid shooter but nothing to go nuts about I thought. It reminded me of Painkiller quite a bit. I'd like to see more of it to really make my mind up though.