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Shadow Warrior – Choose Your Wang

By NeonAnderson19-09-2013

Shadow Warrior has released two different trailers (both visible in the embed above), each showing the different ways in which the game can be played. As Shadow Warrior will feature (like the original) a large variety of pistols, shotguns, machine guns and uber guns (fantasy guns that simply rock!) along with explosive weaponry there will be plenty gun content here for the shooter fans amongst you. But it doesn't end there! You will also have plenty of Katana gameplay!

Unlike in the original, Wang will be equipped with a Katana and magical powers he can combine with it. As a result, players can actually complete the game without ever using anything but the Katana and sword magic. It is up to each player how he or she wants to complete the new Shadow Warrior game and while the trailer divides the two playstyles, the actual game will allow players to switch between guns and their katana whenever they want. We do however know that there will likely be an achievement for players who finish the game with just the Katana and perhaps even an achievement for those who never use the Katana once.

Shadow Warrior is being developed by Flying Wild Hog and is published by Devolver Digital. It will be available on both Steam and GOG.com and currently only features single-player. Keep your eyes out on September 26th of this year to put yourself in the shoes of the great Wang.

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Ok ok, you win - I want it.

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Well, he does have to master the wang

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The katana is pretty epic in this I have to say. More fun than in most games anyway. Shadow Warrior was pretty much built around the katana it feels.