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Shadow Realms Fades into the Darkness

By KenpoJuJitsu313-02-2015

Yo jurors...I come to you with some sad news. BioWare Austin has decided to cease development on their RPG Shadow Realms.

The studio cites upcoming work on their MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic as at least one reason for the cancellation as they shift focus towards their huge licensed property. This is undoubtedly related to the release of the 7th Star Wars movie later this year. There's also a tidbit about work on an upcoming Mass Effect title as well.

What say you jurors? Are you bummed that Shadow Realms may never see the light of day? Or were you possibly indifferent with considering present day BioWare of shadow of its former self? Let us know in the comments.

For more news on this and other games, roll a +25 to Pixel Judge. This news is adjourned.

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Yeah, that's kinda; the point. It was just getting to the point where people were starting to pay attention, and liked what they were seeing, and BioWare is like LOL, [url={https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvdf5n-zI14}]{nope}[/url]

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I'm not sure I had enough time or information to be bummed about it, though I do sort of want to play for SW:ToR now.

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GG BioWare!