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Shadow Of The Kickstarters

By Bobfish14-05-2013

On top of the crowd funding drive on their own website, Shadow of the Eternals is making a second assault on our pockets via Kickstarter. The nitty gritty of the particulars, such as the funding level rewards and what not, are unsurprisingly uniform across both versions. How this will all play out, my guess, is that they will be managed separately during their respective lifetimes, but will receive the same updates and the resources will be pooled at the end.

It feels somewhat redundant doing the same thing twice at the same time, but is also sensible from a business perspective. Having what is, effectively, the same thing happening in two places at once gives much wider exposure possibilities. Think of it like streaming your live music show across the internet with embedded advertising, whilst charging everyone for being able to watch in the first place regardless of where they do it...okay, bad analogy, but I'm sure you understand the principle. When you're asking for 1.5 million dollars, you kinda' need to make sure everyone and their uncle know about it.

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Twelve chapters. 'Nuff said

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I have hight hopes for this! :)