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Shadow of the Eternals Gameplay Demo

By Merc11-05-2013

Now I know this is a PC gaming website but I am going to talk about the Gamecube for a moment. There was a game that is considered by some (including me) a classic. Eternal Darkness was an innovative game for the time, it also had some really great insanity effects. There have been rumors going around for years that a sequel was in the works but nothing has seen the light of day, until now. Shadow of the Eternals is a spiritual successor to the first game and it is jumping onto the crowd funding bandwagon. Recently a new gameplay video is shown off and man it looks really great so far. This new video takes place during a time in history that takes place quite a while ago, and that sticks with the theme the first game had. It will be interesting to see how this game turns out, hopefully it can live up to the first game.

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Its really impressive! :O

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I need this in my life!

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I really loved the first game and I hope that this game is great.