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Shadow Of An Update

By BloodyFanGirl15-07-2013

Following the suspension of the Shadow of the Eternals original Kickstarter, Precursor Games have now announced via a blog post that they will be re-launching their crowd funding campaign on July 25th.

In the blog post they say "We really want to thank our community and followers for the unwavering support and patience over the past few weeks – it's been a huge inspiration and motivator for us. Your feedback has been instrumental in many ways throughout the process of creating the new campaign and we can't wait for you to see what we have in store for you all."

Alongside this news they announced two contests. They wrote "We have a new contest starting Monday, July 15th, where you'll get the chance to design the artwork and slogan of our official Shadow of the Eternals T-Shirt that will feature as one of our KickStarter rewards." More details for this contest will be available on Monday.

The 2nd contest will challenge fans' "art skills using only MS Paint or a Mac equivalent to draw something Shadow of the Eternals related. Maybe one of the characters, a scene from the demo or even one of the Elder Gods being designed by the community in The Order." There are trophy points and ribbons up for grabs and you can find out more about this MS Paint challenge here.

Precursor Games also took the time to draw gamers' attention to their various podcasts. You can listen to the official podcast helmed by the development team here and you can listen to the community podcast here. Additionally there is a community lead magazine which you can check out here.

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