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Shadow Complex Remastered is here and Free

By WskOsc04-12-2015

Rather appropriately for a game where you're fighting for freedom, both for your girlfriend and the United States, Shadow Complex Remastered is free on PC for this month only. In Shadow Complex you take control of Jason as he explores the heights and depths of a secret military installation beneath a lake, on your journey you'll find keys and new abilities that open up more sections of the Super Metroid inspired map. It's often called a metroidvania but it has far more in common with the SNES Super Metroid than any other game. Did we mention that it's also rather good? If that's not enough to convince you maybe the shiny new textures, 4k resolution support and rebindable controls with support for keyboard and mouse will suffice.

Shadow Complex has been out on Xbox 360 for years but only just came to PC. You can pick it up for free from here, the only catch being that you have to download Epic's launcher which shouldn't be an issue if you've been enjoying ARK or the new Unreal Tournament.

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