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SEGA Wrecks Chaos

By Bis18marck7023-10-2015

So it has happened. SEGA and Creative Assembly have – perhaps unsurprisingly – decided to once again pull the good old ‘pre-order for a race pack’ nonsense. It’s not that the community has already given them enough feedback on what they felt about that kind of behavior with Rome II...but here we go again. Then again, SEGAs and CAs data must show that even though the Rome II community doesn’t like it, they still buy it. Why else pull this once more.

To be honest, something like this was bound to happen. The Warhammer Fantasy lore is expansive with plenty of milking potential. Paid DLC for a race pack was going to happen, but the hope was there that these would come in a multi-race pack with a grand array of new content, a mini-expansion if you will similar to the likes of Crusader Kings II. But oh no, get your wallets ready because things are going to get expensive.

And if you wanted to know what race they actually have lined up for the pre-order, it’s Chaos. Yes, goddamn Chaos...

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