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SEGA Sues THQ for CoH2 Steam Pre-Orders

By NeonAnderson10-07-2013

Before THQ went bankrupt, they had a tiered pre-order campaign on Steam, which had a variety of bonuses depending on how many people pre-ordered the game. However, once THQ went bankrupt, SEGA acquired Relic and then launched their own separate pre-order campaign. SEGA paid 26.6 million USD for Relic and the Company of Heroes franchise.

Between September 2012 and January 24th of this year there were 20,755 copies of Company of Heroes 2 pre-ordered, which brought a total of 1,345,301.29 USD. From that amount Valve takes a 30% cut, which leaves 941,710.93 USD, which is the amount SEGA has filed for. For the non-Americans amongst you, this is roughly 632,000 Pounds and 734,000 Euros.

SEGA also noted that more than half of the 941k Dollars were received after THQ filed for bankruptcy protection. SEGA is not the only one to have filed claims as creditors of THQ, as we reported previously Double Fine, Codemasters and other companies are all seeking money back from THQ for a variety of reasons. With the latest claim against THQ from SEGA, the total money claimed against THQ is now at a sum of over 200 million USD.

It will be interesting to see how these claims go and especially where this money will then come from, even if some of these companies win in court, they might not all receive the amount the court decides they are owed. Once all assets and accounts of THQ are emptied, as THQ was a Public Limited company, then that will be the end of their assets and funds and thus all other outstanding money will not be paid. This could perhaps be why there are so many lawsuits being made against THQ at the moment, as the auctions have just finished for their assets and thus now the government will be in the steps of giving out money in the legal order of importance.

Laws surrounding bankruptcy can become very complex, especially when you throw lawsuits in the mix, but as far as it seems, lawsuits might bump up the order of importance of receiving some of that money and thus why all these companies are suing THQ right now. Again this does depend from country to country and I am not fully versed in America bankruptcy law.

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Posts: 1548

Wait, wait, so they kept taking money after selling the IP rights?

Posts: 3290

Okay, I understand they're only after what's due and all, and I understand what they're doing. But I really just want to scream "leave THQ alone!"