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SEGA Introduces...Laptops?!

By NeonAnderson17-02-2013

Some interesting news is spreading on the web. Apparently, Enterbrain is building SEGA-themed laptops, which have been visually designed by SEGA themselves! These laptops will be released soon in Japan and will be available in different models and designs, each inspired by the various SEGA consoles, such as the Dreamcast and the Genesis.

The bad news? There are no plans yet to ever sell these laptops outside of Japan. But do not let that stop you from marvelling at these neatly designed laptops. The pictures of them can be seen both at the top and bottom of this news post and they do indeed seem like a laptops (visually at least) that I would love to buy.

As for the pricing and specs of these laptops, a Japanese site ebten.jp currently has them up for pre-order, with a note saying that the pre-order numbers will determine if these laptops will ever be manufactured and sold. The page can be viewed here or here with Google Translate to English.

The laptop will come in four models. The first three models can be ordered with one of the four possible top panel designs: SEGA, Mega Drive, SEGA Saturn, and Dreamcast. The fourth and most expensive model comes with all four top panels included. The prices range from 99,750 Yen for the "Light" model, up to 194,250 Yen for the "Premium" model that includes all four top panel designs. That is 804 Euros for the "Light" Model and 1566 Euro for the most expensive "Premium" model.

In terms of specifications, the full spec sheet can be viewed here in Japanese and here translated to English. The highlights of the upper two most expensive models is an i7-3630QM 2.4 GHz (up to 3.4 GHz) CPU, 8GB system memory, Nvidia GT650M with 1GB memory, 15.6 inch full HD screen, a Blu-ray reader, and a 120GB SSD.

All in all considering the design people get with these laptops and the specs at each price, the laptops are actually very interesting. The only drawback they have is the low HDD capacity and lack of a stronger graphics card, but that would bump the price up, so it really comes down to what you are looking for in a laptop.

So would you buy them if they were available in Europe or America? Share your comments with us below!


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Posts: 3290

So get the 128bit Dreamcast version :p

Posts: 267

16-bit doesn't seem a good advertisement for a laptop with 64-bit hardware inside )

Posts: 3290

I think the only way I could be happier, is if they were offering a lap-dance from Sonic himself

Posts: 67

They are using Clevo chassis. Good move by them, but the whole pice is made of plastic (I have a clevo laptop), except for the aluminum back cover. Now, I bought it because of the price/performance ratio.

I have an i7 3610QM, nvidia GTX 660M, 8 Gb Ram, 500 Gb 7200 RPM HDD, it costed me 1100 euros with a dual fan setup and upgrading capabilities.

I guess the design may be worth it to some people, I think it looks cool.

Posts: 1548

Hah, I think this would see some great success if it used SEGA cartridges :D