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See Virtual Boy Emulated On The Oculus Rift

By BloodyFanGirl28-04-2013

At the end of last month Oculus Rift dev kits finally got shipped out and already we are starting to see some of the fruits of the devs’ labour. This particular Oculus Rift endeavour uses a modified version of VBjin, a Virtual Boy emulator for Windows.

The modified emulator that runs on the Oculus Rift is called VBjin-Ovr and Cymatic, who you can see playing the Virtual Boy’s Mario Tennis in the clip, says that using the emulator is “really easy”; “Select Oculus Rift mode from the menu and load the rom!”

Cymatic also reported that “It works extremely well, to the point that I had a 3 hour session with pinball and red alarm,” and that “there is no head tracking of course, but the image fills your vision and the old school graphics look sharp. The 3D is spot on for most titles.”

Since the clips were released, another user has recommended a few changes. Y’know, for the ‘best’ possible experience. Under the VBjin emulator’s ‘view’ settings select greyscale or red under ‘colouring’. Then select Oculus Rift under ‘Splitting mode’ and then pick both under ‘video display’. After picking these settings all one needs to do then is load up your chosen Rom and then press alt + enter to enable full screen mode. Uh, yay? Virtual Boy fans (do those actually exist?) rejoice!

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