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Secrets of XCOM and...New Game?

By Mokman01-08-2013

I think I represent the gaming community as a whole when I state that Developer Diaries are not only fascinating, but also capable of releasing as much anticipation as those fully pre-rendered game trailers we get so excited about. The simple fact of watching a normal person talk about the project with such passion ignites a fellow flame in each of us, and really just drives you mad with eagerness to get your hands on what he's been creating. In this case, it's the hotly anticipated The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, the 3rd-person shooter variant of the classic XCOM games, featuring lighter role-playing and management aspects but also more on-the-edge gameplay.

What's been discussed here though, is the story, which admittedly was not XCOM: Enemy Unknown's strong point, despite the general awesomeness of that game. This is to change though, with talk of a "secret war" and "suppressing evidence" and stopping the "alien invasion". It seems that players would be frantically trying to not only fight back aliens, but also panic as they prevent the knowledge of mankind's aggressors going public. All in all, this just really excites me for the game, as it's already set in a possible world that's not only extremely believable, but also incredibly interesting - and all it needs is a good story to tell.

#EraseTheTruth, people.

But there's more.

It seems that The Bureau: XCOM Declassified is not going to be the only XCOM game vying for our attentions in the coming year. As exciting as it is, can it possibly be more exciting than the idea of yet another XCOM isometric turn-based tactical game? Well, that is a hotly debatable topic, but don't get your wallets out just yet. A listing for something called XCOM: Enemy Within has appeared on the Korean Ratings Board.

"We're looking forward to making an announcement on August 21," a 2K Games spokesperson told Digital Spy.

But what is it? Some are predicting it will be an expansion/DLC pack for last years XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the name does support the idea. But it could just as easily be a full sequel as well. I guess we'll just have to wait a few more weeks in fretful anticipation.


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