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Second Assault To Occur Before China Rises?

By JcDent19-11-2013

Battlefield 4 is a game that has a very mixed reception – in no small part because of the bugs plaguing it. My suggestion? Blame EA for forcing DICE to release it early to compete with Call of Duty. Of course, they had no idea that Ghosts would somehow outshitty Black Ops 2 (words I don't say lightly, because I'm almost at a bloodfeud with Black Ops 2). Anyways, the EA lapdog FTW is at it again, bringing us up to speed with Second Assault, a Battlefield 4 DLC that's...coming out before the premised China Rising? Well, at least for the console peasantry at least, as they have the release date set to November 22 (to coincide with Xbone).

Filtering out the PR BS, we get... nothing new, actually. The four "fan favorite" (anybody who thinks that Operation Metro needed to be in more games is no favorite of mine) maps are still the same: Oman, Metro, Firestorm and Caspian Border (no Karkand!). New weapons actually means 5 weapons being 'remastered' (whatever the hell that means) for BF4 and New Vehicles actually means the DPV buggy, my favourite C4 delivery platform. Capture the Flag returns from End Game and achievement whor...sexually liberated females are getting new Assignments.

So far, Second Assault seems to be trying to oust Close Quarters as the worst Battlefield DLC in History. What's your take on this? Is it true that the games nigh unplayable on 32Bit?

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It will be interested to see how well or how bad Xbone version works out. PC version is currently jumping between problems with each patch, while PS4 version is practically broken.