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Seattlerun Screens

By Bobfish04-02-2013

Seattle, 2054. The general ambiance is set to film noir, so imagine that a world-weary man in a hat is propping up a monochrome bar, or that a femme fatale is tapping her cigarette suggestively. A key character is named Mitch Macklusky. Somewhere beneath this veneer of sordid glamour, somebody is trafficking organs.

Loosely translated from this French fansite. Of course, being a fan site, the images could be bogus, but it seems unlikely to me. They have the right look and feel. Adopting a ye olde schoole isometric approach, much like the SNES and Genesis/Mega Drive game from the 90s. Some might be pissing and moaning about "the graffix!" but let 'em whine. Shadowrun is a setting that perfectly suits this more rustic, retro approach. We already have our HD, rocken der uber mosten, film noir neo-techno-punkyo fix from the Deus Ex games. Which were influenced a great deal by Shadowrun, for those who don't know. All this suggests to me is a much stronger emphasis on solid gameplay, which is something we could really stand to see more of. But that's just me. Agreements, and dissent, in the comments below. If you still dare to jack on to the net.

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Posts: 1548

It "reeks" of Fallout 1/2 - I'm so happy that I pledged! :P

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Looks a bit... childlike, I guess? But I like it. Can't wait!