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Sea Of Stars Now With Proper Planets, Tech Trees

By JcDent01-10-2013

What is Infinite Space 3: Sea of Stars? Why, the sequel to the awesome Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space of course! And here's a new update about the creation process.

So, now we have proper galaxy maps, which contain stars and planets and, of course, their descriptions – a tiny piece of fluff to make it more interesting than "hey, this planet doesn't have anything". What's interesting is that the dev mentions that aliens will now have custom homeworlds with defense fleets (well, this isn't that new) and unseen tech trees. Each and every race will have a tech tree and a schedule which means that they will have different weapons available to them depending on when in the journey you visit them. Also, space battles look ugly and boring, but that's because the game is in such an early stage... I hope.

An interesting thing for modders is that besides the load of planet types that will be in the game, they themselves will be able to customize the surface, via various complicated means, to their heart's desire. This means that modding might be harder in Sea of Stars, but that's progress for you.

Hopefully, it will be better than Weird Worlds: RtIS, because then we'd have a truly magnificent game.

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