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Sea Of Stars Now With Actual Stars

By JcDent25-06-2013

Infinite Space 3: Sea of Stars, the sequel to one of my favorite games is in the works and slowly trudging towards, hopefully, being awesome.

In this video the devs demonnstrate a few things. The star map is now three dimensional, but in general principle it's the same as in the predecessor. You select a system, travel there, find a planet and a star that both have their flavour texts. The ship now is also 3D - not sure if a good move from the fantastic 2D. Then again, maybe, in the final version... The inventory seems to also have had a revamp, although it didn't change that much - although you now get to see some solid data about the ship components.

Also, most icons are just placeholders for the moment, so it's your one and only chance to a see a cat FTL drive.

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