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Sea of Stars Now On Early Access

By JcDent03-05-2014

Weird Worlds is one of my favorite games of all time: it‘s short, simple, yet full of content and variety, as well as graced with great art. Small wonder that I was excited about the sequel! And now, Infinite Space 3: Sea of Stars is on Steam Early Access!

Much like in previous games, you‘ll play a space captain hailing from the Terran colony of Hope. Having recently discovered FTL capability, they‘re now very eager to send fresh new captains to di... I mean, explore the universe. And that‘s what the game is: in a game session that lasts between 15 and 45 minutes (might be significantly shorter due to battles or flying too close to black holes), you explore a sector, find artefacts, upgrade your ship, expand your fleet, contact aliens and do combat. Sometimes, that‘s enough: you return home to bask in glory and fame. But some other times, you might be called on to save everyone in the sector from certain death. After all, the map is randomly generated each time you play, so the posibilities are almost infinite!

It’s just like space, really.

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