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Screw Katana Battles, Clean up the Mess Afterwards Instead!

By MrJenssen13-10-2013

Hello, you've reached the Viscera Cleanup Detail, how may I help you? You need your mess cleaned? Okay, how extensive is the work you requ- oh dear. Alright, what's your address? And your name? What was that, Lo Wang? Can you please spell it, please?

Yep, you may not believe it, but it's happening. In fact, it has already happened. Remember Viscera Cleanup Detail? You know, that game where you clean up the mess after some awesome action sequence has taken place. Yeah, that game has now made love with Shadow Warrior, and the offspring is the mini-game you can see in the trailer above. Viscera Cleanup Detail: Shadow Warrior!

Finally, you get to be part of the clean-up process after Lo Wang has been over for a visit! You get to re-visit the collector's temple, mop the floors, cremate the body parts and potentially also do the Star Wars kid dance with the mop (don't sue me if the latter is not possible).

The game is available now on Steam and GOG and wherever else you might have bought Shadow Warrior, and is completely free if you own Shadow Warrior. In fact, owning Shadow Warrior is the only way you're going to get a piece of this sweet, sweet clean-up action.

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@XiDiO - from what I understand (what I heard from the reviewers) its very true :D

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More impressive than Day One.