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Screenshots With Ethereal Impact

By Bobfish25-11-2013

From the team behind the much applauded, if somewhat niche, Stellar Impact, today we are here to help raise awareness of Etherium. A game that is certainly in need of some more attention. Havem't heard of it? My point exactly! Being published by Focus Home Interactive, who are still giddy from the release of the absolutely outstanding CONTRAST (review incoming) are not happy to sit on their laurels and reap the benefits. So neither will we.

Etherium is an RTS, a genre seeing something of a revival at the moment it seems, set in a sci-fi universe. With three warring factions to choose from and some extremely busy gameplay to keep you occupied. Check out the gallery to see what I mean, and keep an eye on this one. It's early days yet, with nothing concrete to tell at the moment, but it looks rather intriguing. No mean feat when the majority of the environments are desolate, wartorn deserts. Making something like that look interesting, if nothing else, should make thiss game worthy of your attention.

"Etherium has a unique and dynamic weather control system that has a direct impact on the player's gameplay and strategy. You can use a sandstorm to approach the enemy base unseen, or mount a rearguard attack crossing a freezing river with your tanks. This weather control system will also work through synergy with thespecial skills of the factions. For example, one of the empires may create localized weather conditions, to help its army, or hamper the opponent's forces. Another faction will have the ability to see into the future to predict where and when the next climatic events will occur, and devise a strategy based on future events."

Watch this space.

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